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BRC Storage & Distribution

ISACert offers you a seamless BRC certification process

BRC Global StandardsQuality and food safety are key for your company operating in the food industry. Purchasers of your services require you to offer guarantees of your company’s commitment to quality and food safety. Are you able to provide these guarantees and are they accepted worldwide? Does an independent third party confirm this? Do your customers require you to proof that with certification against the BRC Storage and Distribution standard? Do you want your company to be audited by a well-reputed certification body with experienced auditors knowing your business?

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BRC Storage and Distribution provides the essential certification link between the range of BRC manufacturing Standards and the end user, the retailer and the food service company. The Standard is designed to ensure best practice in handling storage and distribution of products and promotes continuous improvement in operating practices.

The Standard is rigorous and detailed yet easy to understand. It takes a common sense, risk-based approach, and provides you with a clear step-by-step path towards certification.

ISACert is specialized in certification of companies like yours storing and distributing food. ISACert auditors are qualified to combine an audit for BRC Storage and Distribution with additional BRC modules or other standards.

Being in close contact with the standard owner BRC, we keep you updated about the latest information and interpretations of the standard so you will be fully prepared when an audit takes place.

  • Whether you are an established global supplier or based in an emerging market, BRC Storage and Distribution certification will ensure your customers have confidence in your production programs and supply chain management.
  • Being certified by ISACert ensures that the quality and safety of products during the storage and distribution are maintained, and that customer confidence is upheld through audit and certification.
  • Your business will appear on the BRC Directory, giving you further recognition and creating more customer confidence.
  • BRC Storage and Distribution is recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), therefore meets the requirements specified by retailers insuring them an high level of consumer protection.
  • You will have lower costs and less time required to complete supplier audits

The BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution, as well as the Interpretation Guideline, supporting publications and additional resources are quickly and easily available via BRC Participate, the BRC online subscription platform.

Additional voluntary modules cover wholesaling and services including contract parking, product inspection and waste recovery and recycling.


The BRC Food standard is especially developed for companies storing, wholesaling and/or distributing food, consumer products or packaging. For logistics, food packaging producing companies, food processing companies and Agents and Brokers other specific BRC standards are available.


Please contact ISACert ( for the latest developments of the standard. The BRC Food audit and certification is under the accreditation of ISACert BV from Zwolle in The Netherlands.

The Standard has been designed to cover all activities that may affect the safety, quality and legality of the products stored and distributed, and of additional contracted services provided by storage and distribution companies. The Standard does not cover other important requirements applicable to the operation of a storage and distribution business – for example, health and safety, environmental concerns or ethical issues.

Whether you should use BRC Storage and Distribution or another standard like IFS Logistics depends among others upon your customers’ requirements.

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"An audit of ISACert is more than just an audit. In an enjoyable way the auditor presents us a challenging assessment and independent view. It helps us every time to improve and to develop us as a company." Peter Vermeer, Head of QA/QC/PLM of Stegeman, Netherlands
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