KAT- Verein für kontrollierte alternative Tierhaltungsformen e.V.

KAT was established as a non-profit association in 1995. The managing board consisting of 13 members from the egg industry, the food trade, the feedstuffs industry and animal welfare is elected by the members’ meeting for a three-year term. The KAT association is currently the most important monitoring authority for eggs from alternative hen-rearing systems in Germany and neighbouring EU countries. The KAT criteria for laying-hen rearing extend well beyond EU regulations. KAT ensures that the regulations are complied with and uniformly implemented in both Germany and other European countries, the aim being to guarantee comprehensive egg monitoring and traceability from the feedstuffs producer via the laying establishment to the retail consumer. The KAT exclusivity principle ensures that all companies engaged in egg production and marketing are organised within KAT and therefore allowed to use the KAT label. For the retail consumer this means confidence in the origin of the KAT-compliant eggs.

ISACert is accredited by the Dutch Council for Accreditation (RvA) for the certification of KAT.

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