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ISACert offers you a seamless GlobalG.A.P. certification process

GlobalG.A.P.Quality, food safety and workers welfare are key for your company producing fruit, vegetables or combinable crops. Purchasers of your products require you to offer guarantees of your company’s commitment to quality, food safety, the environment and workers welfare. Are you able to provide these guarantees and are they accepted worldwide? Does an independent third party confirm your Good Agricultural Practices? Do your customers require you to proof that with certification against the GlobalG.A.P. standard? Do you want your company to be audited by a well-reputed certification body with experienced auditors knowing your business?

GlobalG.A.P. is a global organization with a crucial objective: safe, sustainable agriculture worldwide. It sets voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products around the globe – and more and more producers, suppliers and buyers are harmonizing their certification standards to match.

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GlobalG.A.P. has been developed to specify the food safety, quality and operational criteria required to be in place on farms producing agricultural products.

ISACert is specialized in auditing and certification of food producing companies like yours. ISACert auditors auditing GlobalG.A.P. have a background in the primary sector, understand your practices and know what is happening in your business environment.  

ISACert auditors are qualified to combine an audit for GlobalG.A.P. with additional modules like GRASP and the AH-protocol. Furthermore, if applicable, a combination with local standards for the primary sector is possible as well.

Being in close contact with the standard owner FoodPlus, we keep you updated about the latest information and interpretations of the standard so you will be fully prepared when an audit takes place. Please contact ISACert for the latest developments.

  • When GlobalG.A.P. certified you reduce your exposure to food safety and product safety reputational risks.
  • You gain access to local and global markets, suppliers and Retailers.
  • The efficiency of your farm management will be improved.
  • You save costs by reducing the number of on-farm audits.
  • You demonstrate compliance with the United Nations Global Compact Food and Agricultural Principles.
  • You benchmark yourself as part of the world’s most widespread farm assurance standard.
  • Your company will appear on the GlobalG.A.P. database of certified companies, giving you further recognition and creating more customer confidence.

GlobalG.A.P. is recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), therefore meets the requirements specified by Retailers, insuring them an high level of consumer protection.

All the GlobalG.A.P. Standard documents are accessible online, free of charge, and in multiple languages, from the GlobalG.A.P. website.

GlobalG.A.P., also known as the “Integrated Farm Assurance Standard” (IFA), is applicable for food production sites in the primary sector. Furthermore GlobalG.A.P. has developed additional voluntary modules for social practices (the GlobalG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practices (GRASP)) and for Albert Heijn suppliers (the AH-protocol). These modules can be audited in combination with GlobalG.A.P..

Under GlobalG.A.P. there are two certification options:

Option 1: Single producer with or without an optional Quality management System

Option 2: Multiple producers with a mandatory Quality Management System.

ISACert is accredited to certify for GlobalG.A.P. Fruit & Vegetables and Combinable Crops, for both option 1 and option 2, and is recognized for GRASP and the AH-protocol.

Please contact ISACert ( for the latest information about the standard.

The GlobalG.A.P. audit and certification is under the accreditation of ISACert BV from Zwolle in The Netherlands.

GLOBALG.A.P. is the internationally recognized standard for farm production. By complying with a single harmonized global standard for safe and sustainable food production, you as producer can show your commitment to Good Agricultural Practices.

With the Add-On GRASP you improve your farm’s social management system, show your commitment to social responsibility and raise your standing among suppliers and buyers. 

The GlobalG.A.P. Standard can be used by any food producing company, for both covered and non-covered crops.

Whether you should use GlobalG.A.P. or another international or local standard depends among others upon your customers’ requirements.

Auditing and certification according to the GlobalG.A.P. standard may be combined with another audits like GRASP, AH-protocol or other (local) standards for the primary markets.

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